DingCaster Live Production &  Streaming Software

DingCaster is live production & stream software. It is software Video and audio mixer and switcher and it can publish your live productions directly to the Internet or cable TV network. It supports multi-channel    input and output of  SDI/HD-SDI/HDMI, network, NDI etc. It  supports  instant messaging software video call input(Skype,WebChat,QQ),and it also supports  virtual set multiview,recording, titles,overlay and so on.



DingVideo xPlayout Software

Perfect Broadcast automation channel-in-a-box solution.
Suitable for cable, wireless,satellite, IP TV and streaming media server etc. 
Highly integrated with video server,playout control,schedule editor,clip uploader,character generator,video switcher,video scaler,video wall and audio gain control.
High stability designed for 24/7 crash-free performance.
High cost-effective.